Rise Again

Born out of a moment of joy
Soon to be mother and father
Ahoy, a random boy to destroy
Another “I” for the slaughter
Awoken open 45 years ago
Fallin’ a sleep ever since
No flow while pushing the scuffle hoe
the very thought makes me wince

Humanities not to blame
victims themselves of a broken being
Playing the same lame game
clouded from that which is freeing
Searchin’ for my-self in this existence
double my efforts before the clock runs out
Persistence in my resistance no matter the distance
This continuous battle arouses doubt
Reality under my control, which
external influences try to breach
Kicking my soul into the ole dark sink hole
These are all just figures of speech

Watching thoughts run through my head
feeling the corruption can be reversed
the dragon’s head not dead but realizing instead
The false belief of constant thirst
Yesterday’s but a thought
tomorrow’s make-believe
mind is fraught with a taught plot
clash of conflict you will weave
Rise and notice with conscious attention
thinking patterns that are scattered
Ascension to a dimension observing the tension
realizing the NOW, everything else shattered
-Geary LeBell