What’s it really about from 2013

It is so strange reading this piece from almost 5 years ago! LOL

I’m at a strange point in my life. From psychological perspective, I feel like there have been more changes in the past couple years that have been experienced in my entire time on earth. When looking at the past, I see myself as an angry person. Not so much at the people or situations in my life, but at myself; internally. Never happy with the way things go, always looking for something more, never appreciating my accomplishments or the people in my life or the way things are. A tug of war between positive and negative emotions. These days, the positive emotions are winning the tug of war.

That analogy is pretty lame as it doesn’t begin to express what’s happening. I see many people around me struggling with their own life complications, something I never really considered or noticed before and it affects me. I feel an understanding and compassion now, where as before I would shut them out emotionally, discard them, judge them. It seems everyone is dealing with “stuff” and so am I. In a way, I think it unites us as imperfect beings and the key is realizing and accepting that your imperfect; we’re all in this together.

It really is a state of mind. Being self-conscious, angry, depressed, having low self-esteem only get in the way of your true self. It’s there, I can feel it… if I could just let go of all the baggage; to realize all that’s negative doesn’t serve me at all.

BowToTheNow Short Stories

What does it all mean? 442 posts later, I continue to string together words and photographs attempting to describe the indescribable.

The past couple years have been challenging, life changing, I feel like i’m finally emerging from the woods with a way to be and surprisingly, something to say.

So, here and there, I will choose a quote from BowToTheNow and create a short fictional story demonstrating its intended meaning and post it here, along with my other interests, i’m even working on a book… ya.. i know… crazy…

Here are a few quotes I’ve written that you may end up seeing on my blog in the near future.


Everyone’s talkin’ religion and spirituality and I’m over here like; hell yeah, I like the album cover too, but have you really listened to the music…

You don’t control the vibration of guitar strings by grabbing hold of them; you fine tune them at the source.

Furthermore, every interference from thought alters the raw vibrations; so? You wanna make music?

Said something, anything, it could’ve meant nothing, everything, to everyone, everywhere, or they simply don’t care to compare, then there’s the possibility of warfare, hoping instead, they’ll share in this affair.

Acceptance is the realization of “its” dissolution.

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