picAwe.com website is here

It’s been only been since mid 2017 that I decided to release most of my photographs to Creative Commons CC0 Public Domain Dedication. Currently, there are 71 high quality photographs that can be downloaded free to use for any project, personal or commercial.

Only photographs that have been uploaded to picAwe.com have been release under the CC0 License. If you see a photograph that you would like to use, but cannot be found on the picawe.com website, contact me, i’ll upload it.

1000’s of photographs coming soon!

You’ll see a lot of activity in 2018 :).

P.S. To be clear, writings and words posted or published by Geary LeBell are NOT CC0 / Public Domain Dedication

Cheers, Geary LeBell


Nice snapshot pal…

Whenever someone compliments one of my photographs with “nice snapshot”, I get an urge to throat punch them in the most compassionate way possible; it’s like saying “nice firewood” instead of “nice hand crafted hardwood dining table”.

Furthermore, for me to call a photograph a “snapshot”, it’s usually intended as a dig to belittle the technique or technical ability of the “photographer”. Personally, It’s a word that I rarely if ever use, but hey, that’s just me, each to their own; Then again, it could be just a snapshot, and that’s cool.

Wouldn’t it be wonderful if we could go back to the time of the old film cameras, when the shutter release button actually made a “snap” sound, but that time has come and gone and we just have to move on…