Photographs, Words, Me and a little creativity.


A little about you?

Canadian born in Saint John, New Brunswick, but lived around half my younger years in the East and West end of Toronto, Ontario. I’ve been married for just over 30 years, have 3 kids out on their own and currently reside in Belleville, Ontario.

Why are you doing this!?

I’m tired, tired of doing the same old thing expecting different results. Photography, Wildlife Control, Brake Press Operator, Transport Truck Driver, Computer Repair, Network Administrator, Help Desk Support, Website Designer, Vinyl Siding Installer, Roofer, Warehouse, Furniture Mover / Driver, Construction Equipment Delivery and I’ve even sold speakers out of a van. There’s a wide variety of employment there for a good reason; always searching for something else. Then, the start of 2017, a ringing in my ears; seriously a loud ringing. As i was yawning one evening my jaw let out a loud crack with severe pain in my left ear… Yes I have Tinnitus. After a bit of a break down and several months later, I emerged feeling different and that feeling has been gaining steam ever since. I’m not religious or spiritual in the traditional sense, but have, for a long time, had an interested in Eastern Philosophy; Initially by Alan Watts and Eckhart Tolle and have been branching out from there. The picture taking has been going on since the early 90’s with writing having more focus in recent years. So… when you ask why? I respond, Why Not!?

Seriously? You have Tinnitus!?

Yep, 1.5 years in and although the noise level hasn’t changed much (i.e. gotten audible lower), I HAVE, and i’m able to deal with it quite easily. Much of my day it’s tuned out, don’t notice it, evenings it’s more present and seems to be… wait for it…  irritated by stress.

What is this Creative Commons licence thing you speak of?

All photographs and writing in the categories photographs and writing, are release as Creative Commons, CC0 1.0 Universal (CC0 1.0) Public Domain Dedication.
For more information, see the CC0 1.0 Universal human-readable summary.

Other related points:

  • All photographs and writings are covered under the CC0 license in the categories “Photographs” and “Writing“.
  • You are NOT required to provide mention or credit, but would be appreciated!
  • Exclusive licence is available for images not committed to Public Domain; i’m flexible (Cash, Barter, Promotion), Contact Me.
  • Photographs that have already been committed to Public Domain Dedication are not eligible for any other license option.